What We Do

My Lotus: Rossella’s Nutrition and Yoga offers Iyengar Yoga and Nutritional Therapy services which cater for the health and well being of our body, spirit and mind. We aim to work together with our practitioners and clients with one purpose in mind: that of Integrated Health. All classes and services are delivered in our centre, a friendly, clean and well-organised space.

Wellbeing is central in our lives and is promoted by very simple necessities. Hydration, a balanced nutrition, exercise and adequate sleep. When all these needs are adequately satified, our body, mind and spirit can function at an optimal level, guaranteeing health, positive attitute, vitality, best performance at all levels.


Water assumption and water retention at a cellular level (hydration) is one of the secret to Wellbeing. When cells lose water they lose tone and they age. The optimal level of hydration needed by a human being varies between two and three litres of water intake daily, depending on the amount of exercise practised.

Balanced nutrition

My Lotus works with the concept of Cellular Nutrition in mind.
Through our WellBeing Centre, we offer advice and solutions to achieve what is the best diet for our bodies, depending on each individual’s eating habits, lifestyle, and level of exercise. Through an initial WellBeing evaluation with inner body composition and adequate nutritional advice, we help you obtain real results in terms of energy, vitality and physical form step after step.

My Lotus Yoga and WellBeing Centre Edimburg

Exercise and breathing improvement

My Lotus has a solid exercise-based philosophy. Through our WellBeing Centre we offer Iyengar Yoga classes which follow the discipline of Yoga as researched and taught by BKS Iyengar, the world most revered and respected Yoga teacher. Our classes are taught by fully qualified and certified Iyengar yoga teachers. Through the practice of Yoga, the body is worked in extension, alignment, strength and flexibility. Respiration is central to the practice of Yoga. Yoga teaches our body to exercise and breathe at a cellular level, improving cell oxygenation and vitality.

Adho Mukha Svanasana


Through accurate and balanced nutrition, optimal level of exercise, and hydration we obtain balanced body functions. A balanced body sleeps well and effectively, resting the correct amount of hours which are necessary to recharge our functions.
Yoga Practice can be used in specific ways to combat insomnia or excessive sleep, which is a common trait connected to depression and lack of vitality. Our nutrition programmes are also effective to promote good and healthy sleep.